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AS a full-time marketing executive, I wanted a side hustle that
created meaningful revenue + Worked with My Hectic Schedule

The one piece of financial advice I keeping hearing over the years is to create multiple revenue streams. I also love the idea of a side hustle because of the creativity and independence it gives me. I've tested a lot of ideas. I've designed t-shirts, I consult and advise startups, I even used to have a successful blog several years ago (85k monthly page views at its peak!) However, I really wanted to create a side hustle where I could also work with fellow entrepreneurial women and apply my 20 years of digital marketing and strategy experience. I had considered direct sales in the past, but had not found one that was either a) already completely saturating the market or b) was a product I 110% believed in. Now? Everything is falling into alignment and I find myself in "the flow" every day. Keep reading and see if you want to join my team, too!

Time to Get Growing

Contour x Chill
This business can be built wherever life takes you. And for me personally, I want to travel more, so I'm using my earnings to take myself and my family on more adventures. 

Just imagine...

You Have Complete Control.
Having a business that grows at the speed that you determine. I'll help you set your goals and then put a plan in place with you to achieve them!

No Parties Required.
In case you're wondering, there are NO in-person parties if you don't want them. I run my entire business online and in my spare time. So the only parties I'm hosting at my house are dinner parties. 

Me Time Becomes We Time. We approach our business in the spirit of collaboration over competition. And we have a lot of fun. I'm the only woman in my house, so I love talking makeup with our tribe.


You're Going to Love This!

Hi, I'm Jess.
Get excited about joining my team. Why? Because of my 20 years experience in digital, I'm uniquely positioned to not only coach you to build your business but I can also help you optimize it at well. Want to leverage a Facebook page and group to promote your business? I can help you with tips, tricks, and strategies. Want a logo to brand yourself as you build your empire? I can help with that, too. The most rewarding thing to me, though, is that I know I can help identify those skills and talents that make YOU special and apply them to this business, too. 
See your options to get started below.

investment: $199
($500 VALUE)


• 25 Catalogs
• 25 Host Brochures
• 25 Opportunity Brochures
• 25 Post Cards
• 18 IIID Foundation Singles
• 1 Powder Single
• 2 Brushes/1 Perfector
• 3 Compacts

This kit is a great value for those that plan to do most online sharing and sales. 


investment: $399
($850 VALUE)


• 25 Catalogs
• 25 Host Brochures
• 25 Opportunity Brochures
• 25 Post Cards
• 21 IIID Foundation Singles
• 12 Eyeshadow Singles
• 2 Powder Singles
• 6 Brushes/ 1 Perfector
• 4 Compacts
• 20 Temporary Tattoos
• Milk Moisturizer

This kit is great for those that plan to host in-person contour classes.




Two Artist Options



This is for you if...

I'll be the first to tell you that this business is
not for everyone.

You're open to learning and investing the time and positive energy into building a business.

You are seeking a community of women who GET IT.  You are seeking that big-time accountability. 

You have a genuine interest in, and passion for, helping women feel their most confident selves.

You have a competitive spirit, but you're a collaborator at heart.

You're ready to go out of your comfort zone and make big things happen for yourself and others.

You want to flex your coaching and leadership muscles for a business that has no limit on income or success.

Let's dive in.

Have more questions?

— SUE B.

"Jess is so supportive and makes sure I am set up for success. the tools and feedback she provided made the transition to becoming a Maskcara artist both simple and lucrative. with her guidance, I was able to advance to elite Hac-er within a week of joining her team!"

— Michelle B.

"I just want to thank jess for introducing me to maskcara beauty! I was skeptical because I already had a routine, but i am believer! the first week I switched from my dept store name brand products to maskcara I received compliments every.single. day. it changed my whole attitude! my skin loves it and i love it!"

— Min S.

"So happy with maskcara. flawless coverage with buildable flexibility for every day and getting decked out. and it feels great on my skin. Anyone on the fence needs to try this. They will love it!"

You are ready to make BIG waves in your life or business. 

You're ready to OWN your own power.

You are ready to empower women through business AND beauty.

Unstoppable and ready to embrace something new and powerful.


Who You Are...